ChaYoWo Games is India’s leading game development outsourcing provider, providing innovative solutions in Game Development, Game Art & Animation, and Game Testing to the leading game studios in the world. The professional talent at ChaYoWo through its game architects, software engineers, coders, testers, artists and animators have among them years of experience in developing the best of Online, PC/Mac, IPhone and Social media games.


aboutThe company incorporated in India and with offices in the UK and US, undertakes both offshore projects and onshore assignments as per the client requirements. Bulk of game production work is carried out from its state-of-the-art facility in Kochi, just one hour south of Bangalore. By virtue of its location in the serene state of Kerala (also India’s most literate state and ranked high on UN Human Development Indicators), ChaYoWo attracts the best technical talent and operates in an environment ideal for game development.
ChaYoWo is also backed by a network of international gaming professionals in the US and Europe, allowing the company to benchmark its practices and delivery models to the constantly rising global standards of game production.
ChaYoWo Games has become a leading casual game development and IP company with state-of the-art development centers across India. We are a Casual Games Company focused on providing game development/programming, Game Art and Animation, Game related analytics, and Game QA Solutions to publishers, brands, media companies, developers, and more around the world.ChaYoWo brings years of experience in the development of Online Flash, PC/MAC digital downloadable games, Mobile, iPhone and iPad, Android, Xbox, Social, Facebook games, Advergames, and more. With this experience, we understand the importance of imagination and how the casual games landscape rapidly changes thereby rendering us with the status of being the ideal choice for co-production ventures. ChaYoWo is growing and we are on a mission to enable game development teams and our publishing partners worldwide to create more games, more content, and more emotions for their audience, while keeping costs under control and meeting delivery timelines.