ChaYoWo’s Global Development Centre is strategically located in Infopark Kochi in Kerala which has been notified as an IT sector Special Economic Zone (SEZ) by the Government of India. The recent NASSCOM survey placed Kochi as the second best ITES destination in the country above Metros like Bangalore, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Kochi city is one of the economic hubs of South India. It is ranked high on connectivity and logistics infrastructure with an international airport, sea port and good inter-intra city rail and road networks. Only Kochi and Mumbai in India have landing points for submarine cable links for 15 GBPS bandwidth and have therefore India's cheapest bandwidth costs. The SEA-ME-WE3 and SAFE cables landing at Kochi; makes it a much-sought-after destination for IT enabled services.

Kerala is also India’s most literate state and is ranked high on UN Human Development Indicators. Through its highly ranked educational institutions, the state also produces the best of technical talent in disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Software Engineering and Art & Animation; all very essential for any game development programme.

Kochi is a bustling cosmopolitan city, home to 2 million people, with every associated social infrastructure including residential and shopping complexes, schools, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks and entertainment facilities.