Project Management

ChaYoWo use both proprietary and open source project management and reporting tools to give all our customers real time access to the full development cycle of the games being developed at our end. The client can manage and track the projects through BaseCamp, Bugzilla, Pivotal Tracker or any other tool that is used and practiced in the client organization.

Use of Documented and Standardised Processes

Documentation of how we develop the games for our clients is the core principal of ChaYoWo’s methodology and is critical to the effectiveness of our off-shoring process. We believe in documenting all our processes for clients. Quality documentation also gives the client visibility into the development processes, and allows him/her to review the development programme and design elements.

Ongoing Reporting & Analytics

Based on the client’s requirements, we can make available a weekly status report during the development stage that tracks the progress of the project implementation. We will be sharing the status and update of the project development with the client using Base Camp, Bugzilla or Pivotal Tracker online project management system.